Compliant collaboration

For Hybrid Teams

Realtyme bridges teams with instant messaging and video collaboration.

  • Provide a spam-free official messenger
  • Keep ownership and control on files shared
  • Ensure team resilient crisis communication
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Hybrid teams need a Secure environment


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Uncompromised employees’ Productivity

Dedicated Chat Groups
Secure Video Conferencing​
Confidential file sharing
Project-based Circles
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Multi-screen Platform​
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Enterprise-wide Compliant collaboration

Government Officials

Connecting Ministries

Secure Workspace. Seamless messaging and conferencing between trusted teams through dedicated work circles for complete privacy.

Classified Document Sharing​. All files and instant content sharing is encrypted end-to-end. Optional timeout, without copy on our servers.

Official Tool. Give everyone a more productive way to keep conversations focused, and reduce distractions from emails spam.

Regulated Companies

Compliant Collaboration. Messaging and video completely changed the way we interact and meet. Have both, with data under control.

Enterprise Ready. Directory driven employee lifecycle in sync with organisation security and communication auditing policies.

IT Departments. An ideal on-premises replacement for Skype for Business. Minimizing the risk of shadow IT and unsecured chat apps.

Enterprise Leadership
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Business Confidentiality

Business Continuity. Protect intellectual property in the office and on the move without compromising data sovereignty

Information Security. Prevent information leaks and avoid fines by stay in compliance industry-specific data protection regulations.

Agnostic solution. Keep communications confidential even on public networks, any type of devices and without additional tools.

IT team Impact

Please Employees. Give your employees the easy-to-use mobile tools they demand and stop shadow IT from infiltrating your teams.

Administration Console. Centrally manage access, data retention, backup rights, file export rights and security policies on all devices.

Minimize risk. An ideal on-premises replacement for Skype for Business. Minimizing the risk of shadow IT and unsecured chat apps.

IT Security Managers
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