Humane technology Essentials

We design our software applying humane technology values. Preserving data privacy, protecting your digital assets, giving you maximum control while ensuring minimal carbon footprint.

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Humane technology Essentials

Privacy by design

Data privacy is a human right; everyone must have the right to set up their own private networks and be able to control how their data, metadata, online activity, and personal information are collected and used.

In today’s world, many cloud-based software providers take all this sensitive information out of people’s hands and put them under their control to gain competitive advantage, either through non-transparent data analytics or via data-driven monetization.

Reclaim secure communications and privacy with RealTyme - Maximum control, minimal digital footprint.

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IT Compliance

Data privacy regulations require organizations to take necessary technical and non-technical measures to protect personal information, whether collected, stored, or transmitted.

RealTyme’s flexible deployment models, encrypted data flows, and customizable security settings let you implement tailored privacy policies for your organization’s needs to meet national and international regulations like GDPR.

Put your organization’s IT team back in control for the compliance they require and give your teams the easy-to-use communication app they demand.

IT compliance
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Data Sovereignty

Corporate data is one of the most valuable assets of an organization, and sharing such sensitive data over insecure apps, or non controlled servers creates unprecedented risks for those who require top-level security.

At RealTyme, we take data security extremely seriously and allow our customers to have complete data and communication sovereignty through self-hosted installations that are optimized for any type of custom deployment architecture.

Shield your business from cyber espionage and deploy Realtyme on the data center or private-cloud instance of your choice in minutes.

Security, the way it
should be

Most of the off-the-shelf communication and collaboration systems available in the market do not contain state-of-the-art security practices, e.g., end-to-end encryption (E2EE), or such mechanisms are not enabled by default.

RealTyme’s secure collaboration platform offers the best-in-class data security methods, both in transit (E2EE) and at-rest that is enabled by default, in addition to numerous customizable controls for superior security.

Chat, call, meet and share with RealTyme - safely, securely and with peace of mind.

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Reducing Emissions

Clean energy resources, data minimalism and lightweight computation are the foundations for RealTyme to have minimal carbon footprint.

On the corporate and product level, we maximise the use of clean energy for all of our operations. By reducing the data stored in our servers, as well as on the end points, we contribute minimally to our overall emissions. Finally, we are not a data harvesting company with energy intensive computational requirements such as data mining, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

We set our vision to first become net zero by 2022 and then carbon negative to help reverse global warming in line with Paris Accord.

Transparent Audits

Our products are based primarily on open-source components (e.g. WebRTC) and cryptographic libraries (e.g. OpenSSL) that are widely adapted, studied, and analyzed.

We conduct extensive vulnerability testing and hardening on our systems, both internally and externally. We even encourage our customers to verify our results by conducting additional penetration tests with their own experts.

Contact us for a third-party source code review for advanced training for us to explain our system.


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