Xnode technology, the gate way to
Digital Sovereignty

We provide multiple deployment options that grant complete control over the system for higher privacy, data residency, software and operational ownership.

You will be able to deploy it on-premise, on private or public cloud in accordance with your jurisdiction in the most secure, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner.

Humane technology Essentials

Privacy centric

Conventional software solutions see your data movements through their infrastructure, raising concerns about the user’s identity, privacy, storage, third-party monetization, and compliance.

RealTyme provides advanced privacy settings that allow you to be in control of your data, metadata, and online activity and manage the lifespan of your information. The system admin has no access to any of these, whatever hosting model you’ve chosen.

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Security by default

State-of-the-art security practices, such as end-to-end encryption (E2EE) or user authentication, are not enabled by default within off-the-shelf communication and collaboration solutions.

RealTyme’s app is designed to protect users with best-in-class data security methods, both in transit (E2EE) and at-rest, that are enabled by default. Content can only be decrypted by users in the conversation and through advanced secure integrations.

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Built-in Sustainability

RealTyme lightweight computation technology minimizes server and endpoint data storage. As a company, we maximize the use of clean energy to achieve a net zero carbon footprint.

We oppose becoming a data-gathering company with energy-intensive computational needs, such as data mining, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, impacting climate change.

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Reclaim Data Ownership

Put your organization’s IT team back in control for the compliance they require and give your teams the easy-to-use collaboration app they demand.

RealTyme’s tailored deployment, security configurations, and integrations. Let IT teams implement privacy policies for organization’s to meet specific compliance regulations like GDPR.

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Transparent Audits


Our products are based primarily on widely adapted, studied, and analysed open-source components (e.g., WebRTC) and cryptographic libraries (e.g., OpenSSL).

Internally and externally, we conduct vulnerability testing and auditing. We also encourage customers to verify our results with their internal security experts.

Contact us for a third-party code review or advanced system training.

Transparent Audits

Internally and externally, we conduct vulnerability testing and auditing. We also encourage customers to verify our results with their internal security experts.

Based on the security tests my team performed in October 2022, we consider that the overall business risk for the mobile versions of the RealTyme platform is currently low. This confirms the presence of sufficient protection mechanisms against a variety of attack scenarios targeting the platform. This also provides evidence that the level of awareness of the RealTyme's team is enough to ensure an adequate safeguarding of the platform and of the communication of its users.

Yan Borboën

Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy, PwC Switzerland

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