Nation-wide communication sovereignty

Secure collaboration for government and defense organizations.

Safeguarding against cyberthreats while ensuring national data sovereignty.

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Data sovereignty

Full data sovereignty and control over the entire system through self-hosted installations.

Flexible, scalable and customized architectures to support installations of any size and kind.

Complete, custom control of contacts, security policies and data.

Military-grade security

Highest-level of encryption at-rest, on the edge and in transit (end-to-end encryption).

Custom key management options, minimal data footprint and controlled data retention policies.

Private networking via circles, identity integrations through existing organizational directory systems.

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Person Using A Mobile Phone

Modern communication

Chat, call, meet and share securely in real-time on any device, operating system and network.

Embrace risk-free bring your own device policies, safeguard against shadow IT and insecure apps.

Integrations with Active Directory, LDAP, SMS Gateway, PBX/enterprise telephony, UEM and more.

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Communication across nation-wide governments and agencies.

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Defense and Military

Communicate time-sensitive, mission-critical information in real-time, at home, in the field, at the base or abroad. Uncompromised security  even over public cellular networks and on off-the-shelf devices.

Government Agencies

Protect national interests and safeguard sensitive information across  ministeries, intelligence services and more. Secure collaboration for nations, available either on-premise or on government clouds.

Public Administration

Enable the most secure, modern and cost effective collaboration for teams from state & local governments, law enforcement and state organizations; safeguard against shadow IT on personal devices.

Critical Infrastructure

Ensure national and international safety via secure communication across the critical infrastructure players such as energy, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare and manufacturing.


Inefficient communication and data breaches among healthcare personnel are causing loss of lives, fines and serious privacy violations. We empower medical staff to keep data flowing efficiently, securely and in a compliant way.

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