Unlock nation-wide sovereign communication

Governments face unprecedented challenges in protecting classified information and maintaining data sovereignty.

Take command of your data, ensuring complete control and safeguarding sensitive information through your private secure communication system self-hosted on your trusted infrastructure.

Illustration of cross -ministry secure and sovereign collaboration.

Safeguard against hostile organization threats

of Unauthorized Access
of Sensitive Data
of  Data Breaches

Enable secure collaboration across government agencies with a multi-tenant self-hosted system

 Multi Tenant on premise installation. Hosting multiple organisations within one system

Connecting Cross-Agencies for Seamless Government Collaboration

Unmatched Security Protocols
Fortify classified communications—an impregnable fortress for confidential exchanges, meeting the highest government compliance standards.
Personnel Controlled Access
Grant access to trusted contacts, minimizing information exposure and preventing the risk of identity theft, bolstering security and operational integrity.
Cross-Organisation Collaboration
Streamline government operations and enhance collaboration among entities' employees. Ensure a secure nationwide environment, avoiding any silos.
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Empowering organizations efficiency through a shared, multi-tenant infrastructure

Multi-tenant Architecture
Boost operations efficiency and environmental sustainability as multiple organizations unite on the same multi-tenant infrastructure.
Empower Data Sovereignty
Ensure data sovereignty with in-country hosting, data residency compliance, and granular access controls for government control.
Seamless Integration
Experience minimal disruptions and maximum usability with scalable system integration, increasing communication user experience and interoperability.
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Cross Organizational collaboration

Anticipate User-Centric Evolution Success Factors

Sustained User Engagement
Foster confidence with our comprehensive user training, ensuring a seamless and confident user experience through a deep understanding of system features and security practices.
Human-Centric Evolution
Experience the advantage of ongoing alignment with changing requirements, ensuring your satisfaction remains at the forefront.
Maximal High Availability
Enjoy uninterrupted benefits with our reliable applications. Minimize downtime and effortlessly resolve issues, maximizing the operational efficiency and optimization you experience.
Public Sector

Discover how our solutions redefine the public sector landscape, fostering streamlined operations and citizen service efficiency.

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Explore our cutting-edge applications designed to meet the unique challenges of the defense sector, ensuring mission success and strategic advantage.

RealTyme for citizens. Connecting government entities with its citizens in a secure and compliant way

Dive into a world of innovation where our solutions enhance citizen engagement, making government services accessible, intuitive, and personalized.

Enhance National Security with RealTyme

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