Fighting Climate Change

Our technology helps us connect with clients and colleagues effectively, securely, and emission-free.

Sustainable Collaboration Platform

Leading by Example

We have committed to reach zero carbon operational footprint already in 2023.

Measuring our carbon footprint

We measure our carbon footprint: direct and indirect emissions from supply chain and end-users.

Reducing our direct emissions

We invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy in our offices.

Travelling less and wise

If we have to fly, we choose the least emission intensive itineraries and only take economic class.

Putting Energy Efficiency First

Efficient by design

Our technology is highly energy efficient by design: we minimize unnecessary data storage, computation and erase data automatically.

Best-in-Class Energy Performance

We offer communication platform with best-in-class energy performance and embed green software principles in its design.

Engaging with Suppliers and Clients

We engage our suppliers and clients in our decarbonization journey, identifying joint actions to neutralize them by 2025

Motivating actions across our value chain

Our green procurement policy prioritizes suppliers with net zero carbon commitments.

Measuring end-users carbon footprint

We aim at engaging with all our clients to estimate our downstream emissions.

Achieving Net Zero Carbon

We support positive climate actions beyond our value chain in our geographies of impact and influence by:

Growing new and protecting existing forests from degradation

Making positive social impact in communities most vulnerable to climate change

Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency

When digital sovereignty, security and sustainable technology work together