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#1 B2B WhatsApp alternative

> Safeguard sensitive

> Share confidential documents

> Productivity ensured through
   any crisis

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Why Adopt a Trusted Platform

Of business
over WhatsApp
Of IT leaders think
mobile collaboration
lacks privacy
Of employees feel
a lack of security on
collaboration tools

#1 WhatsApp Alternative
for Businesses

> Share Encrypted files up to 100MB.

> Sync across up to 3 devices.

> Choose data lifespan on your device,
   nothing kept on our servers.

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RealTyme Files

Connected Advanced Privacy and Mobility


Community circle to connect, communicate and collaborate with your peers.


Choose where your messages are stored keeping you in control of your data.

Video Conference

Instant call and meet anywhere with your members on any device, in full privacy.

Private file

Share files up to 100 MB securely without email stored on compromised clouds.
RealTyme Commercial

Keep your
Connections Private

Connect distributed teams and external contacts securely and efficiently within circles. No metadata exposed or shared with third parties.

Take control

Provides full control on privacy and security and minimises digital footprint. No ads, no tracking or data-mining.

RealTyme Screenlock
RealTyme Contacts

Team Engagement

Chat, call, share on multiple devices with secure data synchronization.


Simple administrative control in a segregated workspace via an intuitive web-interface.

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Our Happy Customers.

“With Realtyme we achieved better uninterrupted communication among our staff in field and in offices.”
Sertan Karamollaoğlu
Vice Chairman at HML Lojistik A.Ş.
"We are using RealTyme to collaborate on a sensitive client project.”
Frédéric Mauger
Co-founder at Sysmosoft
"RealTyme offers a unique concept with private circles that are instantly created to communicate with specific people and matters."
David Starck
Co-owner at Euroservices Partner

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