Hosting Your Way for Unparalleled Control

RealTyme offers secure communication self-hosted or as a fully hosted service to keep your data compliant. Unlike many cloud-hosted solutions, we empower you to choose the environment that best suits your needs

Group image representing RealTyme hosting solutions
Group image representing RealTyme X-nodes, multi tenant architecture.

Empower Multiple Organizations with Sovereign Control

Multi-tenant, sovereign deployments deliver enhanced data security, compliance, operational efficiency, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Encrypted at the rest and In transit
Highly Scalable System
System Administration Console
Air -gapped or connected
No data stored on server once transmitted
Zero Trust Integrations
132 user rating
132 user rating
132 user rating
132 user rating

Define Your CommunicationFortress Setup

We provide multiple deployment options that grant complete control over the system for higher privacy, data residency, software and operational ownership.

You will be able to deploy it on-premise, on private or public cloud in accordance with your jurisdiction in the most secure, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner.

Sovereign and Private Cloud

Ideal for organizations operating in highly regulated industries, government entities with specific data sovereignty requirements, and companies with geographically dispersed teams.

Deploy RealTyme in a secure, regional environment meeting your data residency and compliance needs. Leverage expertise and robust security from leading sovereign cloud providers.

Simplified management via the expertise and management tools offered by your chosen sovereign cloud provider, available from 100 users

On-premise Collaboration

Ideal for organizations with strict data privacy requirements, large enterprises seeking maximum control, and security-conscious government agencies.

Deploy our platform on your infrastructure for unmatched control. Manage data residency, security, and user access to ensure local compliance and keep data private within your network.

Tailor the platform to your specific integration's and seamlessly scale resources to accommodate user growth from 1000 users from a single node or high availability set up.

Swiss Cloud As A Service

For organizations seeking a ready-to-use, secure communication solution with the highest level of data protection, we offer a convenient option starting from 10 users.  

Unwavering Data Protection & Simplified Management Leverage Switzerland's rigorous data privacy laws and the expertise of our ready to use management tools, freeing up your IT resources.

Benefit from the rigorous data privacy laws of Switzerland, recognized as one of the world's most secure jurisdictions for data storage precision.

Powerful Yet User-Friendly Admin Console

Maintain complete control over your communication platform with our intuitive administration console. Manage user accounts, configure security settings, and access detailed usage reports – all from a centralized, easy-to-navigate interface. Empower your IT team to efficiently monitor your system.

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Let us dive into your unique requirements and suggest the best deployment option for you, ensuring your operational and budgetary requirements.

Need expert advice on what option to choose?

Let us dive into your unique requirements and suggest the best deployment option for you, ensuring your operational and budgetary requirements.

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