Smart Workspace

For Field Security

Realtyme engage instantly deskless teams securely.

  • Connect your frontline operations securely
  • Bring real time operation to your security services
  • A single software to follow filed work progression
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Field workers requiring Instant response


of deskless workers
feel disconnected from
head office


more time for information
to reach frontline


workers employ applications
their employers did not
sanction to collaborate

Features familiarity boost Efficiency

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Secure Video Calls
Real-time Location
Military Grade Encryption
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High Availability System​
Mobile And Tablet Friendly

Deckless workers Secure Engagement

Government Officials

Defense Troups

Disaster Response. Connect cross-ministries or international forces, federated together to respond to crisis and interventions.

Uncompromised privacy​. Protect your metadata with contacts managed at the individual user devices, not on a central server.

Broadcast. Distribute information policies efficiently to every team member and coordinately react to centrally managed alerts.

National Security

Critical Communication. Connect over closed and low bandwidth resilient networks ensuring highest security protocols.

Instant Communication. Get in touch with every single trusted team member via chat, phone and video calls, direct from the app.

High Availability. Protect your data flows via zero trust architecture ensuring uncompromised security, even in the harshest conditions.

Enterprise Leadership
RealTyme Government and Defence Onepager:
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Security Guard

Coordinating Team. Enables head quarter to establish easy-to-sync secure communication and geo-location progress tracking.

Competitive advantage. Create and submit reports, moving you from reporting after the fact to real-time insight for decision makers.

Field Security. Allow employees to check-in remotely in case of any incident, the field manager can quickly video employees.

National IT Infrastructure

Data Sovereignty. On-premise or private cloud hosting to communicate over closed and low bandwidth resilient networks.

Maintaining Internal Policies. Centralized management of contacts, circles, access rights and data policies on edge devices.

Powerful Integrations. Enable specific private PKI and HSM integrations for full control over data and communications.

IT Security Managers
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