Enterprise-wide secure collaboration

Modern collaboration for internal teams and
external partners.

Confidentiality meets compliance; full control and
data sovereignty via self-hosted deployments.

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Compliant communication

Protect your communications against industrial espionage while ensuring data sovereignty.

Minimize the risk of shadow IT and insecure chat apps by an internally approved app.

Connect remote teams and external guests via private invitations.

Administrative Control

Centrally manage contacts, circles, security and data retention policies on edge devices.

Integrate enterprise directories and synchronize contacts securely and efficiently.

Enable UEM, MDM, PBX integrations with already existing enterprise software.

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Increased productivity

Minimize distractions and enable deep work via focus mode.

Launch secure video conferences in one click without advance set-up.

Store and share files, chat in multi-user rooms anywhere from any device.

Enterprise-wide secure collaboration for regulated industries

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The financial sector is plagued by fraud. We enable secure and compliant collaboration for financial institutions. Segregated and private workspaces, highest-level of data protection and full data sovereignty.


Critical infrastructures have been victims of major cyber-attacks and infiltration. We allow secure and efficient communication for remote workers in disperse locations and protect sensitive organizational assets.


The pharmaceutical industry is a prime target for nation state-sponsored hacker groups. We enable the secure exchange of sensitive intellectual property that is worth years of research and millions of dollars of investment.


Secure communication is an essential component of an Industry 4.0 capable security infrastructure. We allow the industry to securely connect the major actors that take part in smart manufacturing processes.


Inefficient communication and data breaches among healthcare personnel are causing loss of lives, fines and serious privacy violations. We empower medical staff to keep data flowing efficiently, securely and in a compliant way.

Equip your enterprise
with RealTyme.

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