Hybrid workplace
in total privacy

Essential collaboration for decentralized teams anywhere, on any device.

Confidentiality meets administrative control. Own your business’ communications on the cloud.

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Private Connections

Connect distributed teams and external contacts securely and efficiently within circles.

Safeguard your mission critical communications and assets against cyber-espionage.

Enable internal and external collaboration within a private organizational network.

Simple Administration

Simple administrative control in a segregated workspace via an intuitive web-interface.

Secure and role-based access with two-factor authentication.

Full control over metadata, contacts and security policies on the edge devices.

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Maximum Engagement

Minimize digital distractions and overwhelm via prioritized notifications.

Meet your circles via video conferencing in one click without advance set-up.

Chat, call, share on multiple devices with secure data synchronization.

Borderless confidential team connection


Executives and Board of Directors

Top-level executives’ decision mechanism is highly dependent on sharing confidential information anywhere on any device. We allow for business continuity for any organization and protect highly sensitive corporate information on the move.

Advisory & Legal

Exchanging sensitive client information securely and in a compliant way is a must for consulting and law firms. We enable them to communicate privately within circles, both internally and externally, while respecting regulations like GDPR.


Information leaks and infiltration during strategic investments and M&As can cause firms significant financial and reputational loss. We securely connect remote teams and protect highly sensitive corporate data at any level of the investment process.


Exchanging mission critical information reliably and securely can save lives. We enable NGOs with encrypted calling, conferencing, messaging and file sharing for high privacy needs, while giving them the ease of use of consumer grade apps.

Any Privacy-Conscious Business

In today’s complex environment with hybrid work, strict regulations and increasing cyber-attacks, any privacy-conscious business has the right to own their communications using enterprise-grade, secure, privacy-centric and compliant tools such as RealTyme.

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