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RealTyme earns trust comprehensively and universally

Government Trust
Adopted by G20 Agencies for Sensitive Communication
Privacy Assurance
Swiss-Made Software in Strict Data Privacy Jurisdiction
Analyst Recognition
Endorsed by Gartner, Forrester,
Frost and Sullivan

Leverage RealTyme Platform

We encrypt conversations of governments, businesses, and citizens to ensure compliance with their regulations

Enough with unsuccessful campaigns that cost you money and give back nothing. Get a simple solution that helps you weaponize your performance data.

RealTyme's secure communication platform - secure icon - protect your communications from unauthorized access and interception.

Encrypt your communications

Enhance employee security confidence by 82% with an intuitive application for secure calling, chatting, meeting, file sharing, and receiving company updates under your brand.

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Regain compliance control

Elevate your compliance by 58%with a user-friendly management console to implement communication policies that meet your specific regulations.

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RealTyme's secure communication platform management console - user authentication feature
RealTyme's secure communication platform deployment types - decentralized nodes on a private cloud or on premise - align with jurisdictional requirements

Achieve full data sovereignty

Attain 100% sovereignty through localized system hosting, utilizing decentralized nodes on a private cloud or on-premises, in alignment with your jurisdictional requirements.

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Need something to share with your colleagues?

Government and business communications often contain sensitive information that could be used by adversaries to harm your reputation. Download our One-pager, learn more and share with your colleagues.

Sustainable-tech, powered by Privacy

Data minimization eliminates unnecessary storage.

Decentralized local node prevents unjustified data travel.

Mindful computation diminishes information overload.

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Elevate Your Sector With Solutions for Success

Boost your industry with success-driven solutions

Navigate through tonnes of data with custom, auto-generated, relevant reports. Beat the competition with an enhanced social media strategy.

Achieve Digital Sovereignty with a single infrastructure for multiple entities.

RealTyme, in partnership with NCGR, enhances Saudi Arabia's cyber resilience by providing a localized, unified infrastructure that boosts government security and efficiency.

Secure your nation's critical communication today.

Government Solution

Enhance Data Privacy for Your Business

"RealTyme offers a user-friendly and turn-key platform for businesses requiring strict confidence for their daily work communications. Experience the power of secure technology today."

Thomas Goossens,
Managing partner at Bianchi Schwald LLC, Geneva

Business Solution

Gain Full Control and Compliance in Customer Collaborations

"RealTyme brings a secure workspace for Lancelot to collaborate with their customers on sensitive projects. It’s ensuring trust and meet the rigorous industry requirements.

Join RealTyme for secure, compliant success today!"

Tony Imosi
Managing Director at Lancelot Central Limited

Professional Solution

Empower Your Decision: Choose the Perfect Fit

Exceptionally secure collaboration platform with unique controls and unmatched multi-tenant deployment options

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Unlocking Potential Across Use Cases

Securing success of operations with reliable communications


Elevate your leadership via trusted communication.

Securely manage sensitive conversations, monitor real-time team activities, ensure business continuity.

Business continuity

Secure communication during emergencies.

Maintain operations, ensure data protection, and facilitate disaster recovery.  

First responders

Enhance efficiency and continuity via Smart Workplace.

Streamline first responder coordination to minimize gaps and accelerate information delivery to deskless staff via a reliable tool.

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You'll implement crucial solutions for client data security and control