Resilient Communication

For leaders RealTyme safeguards the most sensitive conversations.

  • Protect your identity from cyberthreats
  • Keep collaboration compliant
  • Lead teams through any crisis, even remotely

Organization leaders are Targets


of organizations suffer a ransomware attack


of fraud cases compromise leaders' identity


of CEOs' business emails have been compromised

Features designed for Leaders’ efficiency

Secure calls on any network
Encrypted messaging​
Confidential file sharing
Private contacts
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3 devices per account​
Customized branding

Secure calls on any network

Encrypted messaging​

Confidential file sharing

Private contacts

3 devices per account​

Customized branding

Protect your Leaders with RealTyme

Government Officials

National Secrets. remotely Restrict communication with trusted contacts and connect cross-ministries together to respond to state matters.

Manage Classified Information​. Content auto-erase, on demand or after consumption. No trace or data is kept on servers.​

Critical Communication. With broadcasting, officers can instantly distribute information about crisises and other events to the entire team.

Enterprise Leadership

Prevent CEO Fraud. Protect executives from cyber thieves who are equipped with sophisticated social engineering tools.

Protect Your Assets. Limit employees from scams, information leakage and wiring funds to fraudulent accounts.

Ransomware Recovery. As ransomware paralyzes the business, ensure business continuity with a resilient communication channel.

RealTyme One pager: 6 ways CEO Fraud impacts your business.

Community Ownership

Activism Privacy. Keep control of your community discussions. We do not monetize your members’ data.

A Secure Space. Your team can speak freely knowing that their conversations are secured with end-to-end encryption.

Prevent Leaks. Ensure safety of your ideas with conversation moderation, message deletion and content sharing controls.

IT Security Managers

Maintaining Compliance. Embrace risk-free “Bring Your Own Device” policies, safeguard against shadow IT and insecure apps.

Administration Console. Centrally manage contacts, circles, security and data retention policies on edge devices.

Effortless Deployment. Deploy on-premise or cloud in accordance to your IT compliance in less than a

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