Leading the Way in Sustainable Technology, RealTyme Partners with CSX Carbon

As part of our continuing mission to provide sustainable technology for our customers to collaborate securely, we are delighted to have partnered with UK-based start-up CSX Carbon. This partnership will help us support them in their ambitious climate mission as well as achieve our climate goals that includes a zero carbon operational footprint in 2023.

This is a strategic partnership with CSX Carbon as we continue to help provide our clients with a sustainable collaboration and communications platform, with leading security features that enable digital sovereignty. It will ensure as investors we can support the great work CSX Carbon are doing as they prepare to launch their platform in 2023.

Who Are CSX Carbon?

CSX Carbon are a UK start-up that is looking to transform the way organisations offset their carbon emissions. They will provide carbon trading using a carbon asset bank that will allow land managers to analyse their environmental impact and make positive changes. This consists of localised Nature Based Solutions that are fully measurable and can be effortlessly audited by its proprietary technology platform. They aim to develop a trusted carbon market, where corporate organisations can make real change for the planet and uphold integrity with verified carbon offsetting.

Being able to independently verify a company’s climate actions is a step in the right direction in the continuing battle to reduce global carbon emissions. At RealTyme, we recognised the valuable contribution CSX Carbon will make once launched and how their values align with our own climate strategy.

How RealTyme are Making a Difference

We are acutely aware of the impact Information Communication Technology (ICT) has on the environment, which is why our commitment to sustainability is fully defined and strategised. With more advancements and accelerated growth within the sector, sustainable technology is a must and companies have to act swiftly. It’s thought ICT's share of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were between 1.8% - 2.8% in 2021and could grow to exceed 14% by 2040,so to ensure this decreases and improves, companies need to commit to the cause. Below you will see just some of the extensive commitments we’ve made:

  • Reducing our direct emissions by using energy efficient, renewable energy in our offices
  • Continue to reduce our carbon footprint from business travel, especially through flights, by capping intensity to remain at least 25% below the industry threshold
  • Measuring our carbon footprint so that we are fully aware of the impact our technology has
  • Reach zero carbon operational footprint by 2025in our Geneva head office through energy efficient and renewable energy measures
  • Work with our suppliers to reach net zero carbon targets, to have at least 90% of our spending by 2025 with companies who actively measure and report their GHG emissions
  • Continue to engage with strategic partners like CSX Carbon and partner with international organisations, grass roots initiatives, and national governments in a capacity beyond our value chain.
  • Motivate both our employees and sub-contractors to use renewable energy wherever possible and reduce their own personal carbon footprint. This is to a target of 25% of our remote workforce to be powered by renewable energy by 2025, and 100% by 2035.

You can find more details about our full green procurement policy and our complete list of climate change commitments on our downloadable reports that you can find on our Sustainability page.

Measurable Sustainability is Everyone’s Priority

Whilst we can account for our own impact on the environment, with our total GHG emissions at RealTyme at 522.2 tCO2e in 2021, we are part of a global commitment within ICT to make sure we continue to drive innovation and change. Reducing emissions through the use of clean energy resources and data minimalization is at the core of RealTyme, and we want our partners to be confident they are using a sustainable collaboration and communication platform.

Our technology ensures not only privacy by design but measurable sustainability, and as data sovereignty is high on our features, it means no energy-intensive processes. We do not harvest data and ensure your information stays completely private, requiring minimal personal information for signup and full control over files and communication shared privately on the platform. This ensures data minimization at all times. RealTyme offers both privacy by design and efficiency by design, with our platform having best-in-class energy performance.

Discover More at RealTyme

There’s lots more to discover about our climate commitments and secure platform at RealTyme. If you are an organisation, government, or leader looking for a sustainable communication strategy partner, we can help.

You can request an invite and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, please talk to sales and learn more about what our platform can do for you.

Visit CSX Carbon for more information about the CSX platform.

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