Community engagement shaped around circles

Privacy focused platform for security enthusiasts, professionals, communities and associations.

All the essentials for your community in one place: chat, call, meet and share in real-time.

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Ruled by Invitation

Create a professional community circle to connect, communicate and collaborate with your peers.

Invite and organize your community contacts, groups and take control of your address book.

Focus on what matters, minimize distractions and prioritize notifications.

Content in Control

No storing, third-party selling, or snooping on data. No tracking or spam.

Manage the lifespan of your data, reduce your digital footprint.

Highest-level of encryption enabled by default. Superior controls for more security.

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Communicate freely

Instant call, chat, share and meet anywhere with your members on any device, in full privacy.

All the essential features in one place. Your contacts, conversations and files stored securely.

Communicate easily across multiple devices and all your data synchronized.

What people are saying about RealTyme
“With Realtyme we achieved better uninterrupted communication among our staff in field and in offices.”
Sertan Karamollaoğlu - Vice Chairman at HML Lojistik A.Ş.
Sertan Karamollaoğlu
Vice Chairman at HML Lojistik A.Ş.
"We are using RealTyme to collaborate on a sensitive client project.”
Frédéric Mauger - Co-founder at Sysmosoft
Frédéric Mauger
Co-founder at Sysmosoft
"RealTyme offers a unique concept with private circles that are instantly created to communicate with specific people and matters."
David Starck- Co-owner at Euroservices Partner
David Starck
Co-owner at Euroservices Partner
RealTyme pro for privacy-conscious communities
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Privacy enthusiast communities

We are empowering privacy-passionate community creators to grow their network of expertise with the highest integrity.



Enable modern collaboration between teachers, students and research staff. Share freely, collaborate securely and mitigate learner-isolation.

Consultants and Freelancers

Consultants and Freelancers

Connect with stakeholders securely and conveniently. We enable professionals to create their own private networks, anywhere.

Clubs And Societies

Clubs and societies

Share, chat and discuss within your club and society in full privacy. Our simple interface makes organizing events and projects a breeze.

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