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With RealTyme, you benefit from Switzerland’s constitutional right to privacy and will rest easy with your data protected by one of the most comprehensive data protection regimes in the world. The Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) ensures that data protection and privacy always come first. It also prohibits processing any personal data without the data subjects express authorization and requires that we protect it as stipulated by the GDPR and other data protection and privacy rules and regulations.

At RealTyme, we offer the best messenger app for privacy. Our encryption keeps data safe from prying eyes if a data breach occurs. Whether your organization handles personal information belonging to ten customers or ten million, RealTyme’s communication and collaboration solution helps you in compliance with data protection and privacy guidelines and regulations and helps you protect your reputation and your bottom-line.

Using RealTyme enhances data privacy across your communication channels, including secure video conferencing, calls, messages, and document sharing. If you want to have one of the best chat apps for privacy, talk to us to book your demo today for an encrypted messenger and discover how an easy-to-use app can transform your daily workflow.

Information Security vs Data Privacy

The terms “information security” and “data privacy” are related yet different. Information security, sometimes called data security, is access prevention. Role-based access, encryption, and authentication keep unauthorized users out. So what is data privacy? This has both a technical and a legal meaning. See the previous section for the technical definition. Legally, it’s about how you handle data, including its collection, storage, and use.

At RealTyme, we believe that although there are differences in information security vs data privacy, you cannot have one without the over. Our cross-platform system protects your cloud data privacy with cutting edge encryption and controls who has access to any information.

Be protected. Stay compliant. Communicate with RealTyme.

Make Data Privacy A Priority

A highly publicized data breach can ruin your reputation. Then, regulators cut into your profits with hefty fines for failing to meet and maintain data protection and privacy requirements. Protecting your business from this double threat demands a regulatory-compliant company data privacy policy.

This is why data privacy is at the core of RealTyme’s cross-platform communication and collaboration suite. Secure file management and file sharing, video calls, voice calls, messaging, and notes provide the functionality your employees need. End-to-end and at-rest encryption, audit trails, data logs, and customizable privacy settings make staying compliant easier. Talk to us today and start protecting your organization.

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Protect your customer sensitive information and your communications against industrial espionage while ensuring organization compliance.

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You will be hosted on our Swiss cloud with a data minimalist storage and processing approach allows us to comply with the highest privacy standards.

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