Encrypted Messaging System

Business communication requires more than emails and phone calls. You need mobile calling, video conferences, messaging, chats, file sharing, and the ability to communicate with one person or the entire office.As employee communication needs changed, many turned to free or low-cost shadow IT apps like WhatsApp, Slack. Unfortunately, these encrypted text message apps are often associated with high-profile data breaches, poor security practices, and data monetization of user data. Using them puts your data at risk which is why you need to use an encrypted messaging app for calls and chats.


At RealTyme, we understand data breach risks and cybercrime costs. We know that customer trust is your most valuable asset. Protecting it requires data breach risk mitigation, which starts with cutting-edge encryption for all communications.

Our communication and collaboration platform features easy-to-use messaging on our end to end encrypted chat and encrypted cell phone communication. It also integrates with your existing systems. Instead of interrupting your workflow, it merges into it seamlessly.

Start your trial today and make security a communications priority by securing all employee, customer, and client information.

Encrypted Communication Protocols

A data breach is a corporation’s worst nightmare. Hackers leak stolen personal private information, sell sensitive financial data, and blackmail companies with their own trade secrets. Rebuilding their reputation after an incident takes years, and some never regain their pre-incident market position.

Unauthorized parties cannot read encrypted phone app data without the decryption key. Encrypted communication systems like ours only allow the sender and intended recipient(s) to view the decrypted information.

RealTyme secures all communications and collaborations, including our encrypted messenger, with strong end-to-end and at-rest encryption. This helps ensure enterprise secrets stay within the enterprise and follows compliance with data protection so sensitive customer information remains private.

Encrypted Group Calls & Messages

Our encrypted messaging system maximizes privacy and encryption by design. We are more than just an encrypted messaging app. With one simple application, you give everyone within the enterprise access to team encrypted messages, end-to-end encrypted chat, secure file sharing, secure video conferencing, and encrypted private phone calls and conference calls. A shared contact list keeps business contacts up-to-date and out of employees’ personal address books. Our cross-platform app allows encrypted cell phone communication and messaging on iOS and Android mobile devices and Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops; no new hardware required.

Whether your teams are working from home, the office or an airport overseas, RealTyme’s instant encryption in data communication will keep your workplace connected and your conversations secure.

Empower your workforce with easy-to-use, encrypted messages, communication and collaboration, and discover how good communication improves workflows and productivity. Start your free trial or schedule a demo today!

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Protect your Identity

Keep private contacts independent from the device’s directory. Organize your contacts in circles directories and modeled after your organization.

Communicate Securely

End-to-end encrypted 1-1 and group messaging. High definition audio and video for sensitive discussions from any device, operating system and network.

Full compliance

Protect your customer sensitive information and your communications against industrial espionage while ensuring organization compliance.

Hosted in Switzerland

You will be hosted on our Swiss cloud with a data minimalist storage and processing approach allows us to comply with the highest privacy standards.

Encrypted Communication FAQs

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