RealTyme Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Secure Communications, Q3 2022

We are thrilled to be named as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Secure Communications, Q3 2022 report. We can share the news after a rigorous, six-month evaluation, which included being analysed and scored by 26 different criteria in three categories - Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence. With the results collated, the Forrester evaluation has identified the RealTyme platform as “a strong fit for organizations in need of an easy-to-manage, user-friendly, secure communications app for data control and collaboration.”

We believe being named as a leader of secure communications by Forrester is recognition of the essential service we provide for businesses, enterprises and governments. Being able to communicate and collaborate securely in the workplace is essential; and, in our opinion RealTyme is leading the way with its key features.

  • Strong security - “RealTyme has strong metadata security and privacy protections as well as customization support…”
  • Communication and collaboration blended into one platform - “RealTyme is a strong fit for organizations in need of an easy-to-manage, user-friendly, secure communications app for data control and collaboration.”
  • Customer-centric evolution - "RealTyme’s superior execution roadmap supports not just the technology requirements of customers but differentiates through support of customer values such as sustainability through reduced data storage and net zero carbon emissions.”

Read on to find out more details about TheForrester Wave™ report and why RealTyme was named a leader.

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What is the Forrester Wave Report & Why is it Important?

The Forrester Wave™ report is a detailed profiling and analysis of technology vendors and services, in which they are thoroughly researched, analysed and then scored. Forrester works to help businesses and technology leaders accelerate their growth through customer obsession – putting the customer at the centre of everything they do. The Wave report enables them to evaluate businesses.

With a focus on secure communications, the report evaluates just 12 vendors in this market - selected specifically - and highlights Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders and Challengers. We are excited to be recognized as a leader, which we believe validates our efforts to provide technology  that businesses can rely upon and integrate easily into existing internal processes.

The report shows how each vendor measures up against each other and helps security and risk professionals select the right secure communications solution for their needs. The methodology around the Forrester Wave™ report looks at three main categories: Strategy, Current Offering, and the vendor’s Market Presence.

We are proud to be recognised as a leader because this is an exacting process.

Each category has criteria scored out of five - with five being the strongest – and, based on default weightings, evaluated companies are put into groups: challengers, contenders, strong performers, and leaders. – Being named a Leader is The Forrester Wave™ report’s highest recognition. The criteria include Assurance and Control; User Privacy; Metadata Security and Privacy; Customization; Integration; Performance and Resiliency; Product Vision and Execution Roadmap amongst others.

What We Think Makes RealTyme Stand Out

We are pleased to have been recognised and given full scores in seven criteria total within the strategy and current offering categories. At RealTyme, we are confident that our platform provides data security and privacy for all communications and have designed each feature with the user in mind. The Forrester report noted:

RealTyme has strong metadata security and privacy protections as well as customization support, and its variety of enhanced functionality for productivity and security enable flexibility for many different types of business use cases for secure communications.

The Forrester report gave us full scores in the user privacy and metadata security and privacy criteria as well as in the customization and execution roadmap criteria, which we believe confirms that RealTyme is a platform that has a strong position within the market.

With privacy by design at the core of our platform, we developed features that ensure data sovereignty and total privacy for users. Private circles that are invite-only; encrypted messaging and collaboration; secure video conferencing and confidential file sharing – all essential productivity features that our users love and have total control over.

How to Experience RealTyme

We think having acknowledgment from Forrester as a leader in secure communications is a huge achievement, and we are so grateful of the recognition. We will continue, as always, to strive and innovate for our customers. We will continue to provide the features that our users value and constantly working on enhancements for our platform. It’s all part of our roadmap to ensure we provide services that justify our recognition as a leader and see RealTyme evolves and thrives.

If you would like to find out more about why The Forrester Wave™: Secure Communications Q3 2022 report recognized us as one of the “most significant” vendors, please contact sales today. If you would like to experience a demo of the RealTyme platform and discover how we can help your business, you can schedule a demo and we’ll be in touch.

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