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The Benefits of Persistent Instant Messaging in the Workplace

Businesses have a multitude of choice when it comes to communicating internally and externally that go beyond just phone calls and emails. With remote working on the rise in the past few months, we have seen a surge in alternative communication use, with businesses embracing secure video conferencing as one example during this uncertain time where they may not have done before. Instant messaging (IM) has also been used within organizations for many years, but not necessarily as a primary communication method. As many as 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and individuals using Facebook Messenger every month, with 40 million businesses active on the platform, but not every workplace embraces the benefits IM brings as security is a concern with most of these platforms on public networks making them less secure.

The need for secure communication when using IM platforms is paramount to maintain consistent workflows and the smooth running of a business whilst keeping data protection and privacy secure. This is why workstream collaboration (WSC) tools have become more commonplace in business, offering a full solution to internal and external communications that can be separated into public or private channels. Whereas some position their WSC tool as a platform that can be used as a utility, others such as the RealTyme platform focus on specific functional areas, processes and roles within a business.

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According to research from Nemertes, 59% of companies are using or planning to deploy WSC, so for the rest of businesses that aren’t convinced, what are the benefits of using IM and WSC tools?

Seamless & Secure Collaboration

Every business owner knows the value of great communication but finding a solution when you have a workforce that is increasingly working remotely presents a challenge. This is where a WSC can have an impact, with integrated IM helping employees stay connected in real-time. By implementing a GDPR compliant secure IM application, you can guarantee efficient encrypted communication within a business of any kind that is for authorized use only. The issue with using public network IM platforms are that GDPR can become an issue that can risk your employees violating regulations. WhatsApp is a popular choice due to offering ‘encrypted chat’, however as it is owned by Facebook, all conversations and documents are stored within their datacentres, meaning a breach would expose this information. Using a secure WSC that is designed specifically for businesses rather than public usage is a smart choice.

Increased Communication Whilst Remote Working

As many as 60% of companies do not have a long-term strategy for their internal communications, meaning that with the sudden surge in people working from home (WFH), the majority of businesses have a hurdle to overcome. Remote working has become essential in recent months, although the practice has been on the rise for many years. Implementing IM software has meant employees and businesses can keeping in quickly and without much setup. Here at RealTyme, we believe that using IM should not mean a lack of security and privacy for your personal and client information. That’s why our WSC allows you to conduct video calls, instant messaging and conduct virtual meetings from anywhere in the world with complete protection with an end to end encrypted messenger. Additionally, contacts, workflow and connection management are all accessible in one simple location, meaning communication works as well remotely as it does in the office and still follows compliance with data protection. Business leaders should look to conduct an audit of their internal communications approach and define best practices that keep private information secure and only authorized users involved, defining a clear strategy that WSC tools help to make a reality. Employee productivity can increase by 25% when employees are connected and feel empowered, meaning its impact shouldn’t be underestimated.

Decreased Dependency on Email Services

Too often you will find a business relies heavily on some form of email communication. This can cause issues when it comes to productivity as many emails can be lost within an inbox. When 28% of an employee’s workweek is spent reading and responding to emails, this equates to hundreds of lost hours a year, with 62% of emails not important or relevant to an employee’s role. With many people liking the instant reply that you gain from instant messaging, it, therefore, removes the dependency from emails and allows for increased productivity. Its also ensures a more personal approach to communication that is far better than a mass company email. Integrated IM into your employee’s workflow allows for quick interaction and keep productivity levels high.

The use of an all-encompassing and focused WSC such as that offered by RealTyme ensures data compliant, secure teamwork. Military-grade, real-time, one-to-one communications through IM, video, and voice calls, as well as secure file-sharing and team collaboration. If you want to find out more, please do get in touch with us today.