RealTyme Merges with Adeya

Launching an innovative, secure collaboration platform with a human-centric design.

RealTyme, the innovative collaboration platform that cares about people's privacy and digital well-being, has announced its merger with Adeya. Adeya was previously an end-to-end encrypted secure communications technology company, this move is set to unveil an innovative secure collaboration platform with human-centric design that provides personalized control and privacy for businesses and individuals.

RealTyme's vision is to provide a new type of collaboration solution that allows online communities to organize and control their communications while increasing productivity - where privacy is respected within a highly secure digital platform. On the new RealTyme app, contacts are organized and assembled into collaborative Circles that allow creation of segregated communities and dedicated workspaces within one platform.

It provides an organized private networking experience while continuing to deliver the essential features like chat, call, video meetings, disappearing messages, media storage and file sharing all in a single app. Existing Adeya customers and partners will continue to be supported by the existing and evolving technology, and will benefit from new features. Including: "Circles" - to organize contacts and workspaces into segregated and distributed communities; "Focus Mode" - to prioritize notifications from VIPs and critical contacts while silencing the rest and thereby minimising unimportant distractions during that mode; "Data Lifespan" - to select and customize the lifetime of the application data stored on devices.

Onur Özen, Chief Executive Officer, commented, "Existing customers of Adeya will continue benefiting from the robust security and privacy they've come to trust with Adeya's technology, while RealTyme brings to the table innovative and human empowering solutions that are better suited to the way we now work and communicate."

The new platform enables customers to create private networks that they can control and that are highly agile, customizable, and reliable thanks to more than a decade of R&D, as well as deployment success of the underlying technology to global customers. RealTyme's "Pro" version is free to new customers by invitation via public Swiss Cloud, whereas enterprises can choose to rapidly deploy via public Swiss Cloud, private cloud or on-premises for maximum control and most superior level of customization.

The merger comes after substantial investment from TNF (The New Frontiers) Capital who recognized the gap in the market for a secure collaboration option with enhanced human experience that would help institutions and people regain control of their digital communications.

Erkin Bek, RealTyme Chairman and TNF founder, said of the merger, "Our vision is that all people and institutions should have the right to set up their own private networks that are flexible and highly personalizable in real-time. This merger brings to the market an exciting new product that enables secure collaboration with focus and organized work/life mindset, while preserving the highest level of privacy. We're thrilled to offer this innovative solution that we envision will improve the lives - both personal and professional - of individuals struggling with digital overwhelm and lack of data privacy".