privacy is a human right

Is Data Privacy a Human Right?

With a world full of digital data being essential to not just our personal lives but our professional ones too, the question of whether privacy is a human right can be split into two areas – privacy and data protection. Whilst most people are aware of their right to privacy is a fundamental human right, as per article 12 of the Universal Declaration ofHuman Rights, the question surrounding data protection, which is currently nota universal human right, remains.

Data protection and privacy are currently separate rights despite similarities within data protection law and GDPR, the latter introduced in 2016 to address the digital environment. The growing value of data privacy cannot be ignored, and it is essential that businesses and enterprises treat data very carefully. It’s why at RealTyme we have worked hard to ensure our communication and collaboration platform ensures total privacy and security, something popular social media channels cannot provide when using. Here’s why data privacy is vital for business and how by using our platform you can remain in control.

Why is Privacy a Human Right?

Privacy is a core fundamental all over the world, ensuring individuals have boundaries to keep their private life separate from everything else. This includes interference from companies, governments and others looking to take advantage. Article 8 of The European Convention of Human Rights as well as article 7 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights detail the right to privacy and a private life. Understanding what are privacy rights is important and includes:

·      Right to freedom of speech and thought

·      Preventing governments from spying on individuals without reason to

·      Helps to maintain social boundaries and build trust

·      Ensuring control of data without consent

·      Ensures those who breach privacy rights are made accountable

Is Online Privacy a Human Right?

With the vast sharing of information online, the tracking of data has been widespread by companies looking to use this to their advantage.Whilst technology has improved to help people stay more hidden and untracked, there is still a huge amount of information that people will share using consumer communication apps. Social media companies rely on huge amounts of data to learn about their users, helping them to monetize their data and this poses a huge risk for businesses using platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook. As a tool for communication, these platforms have helped connect people across the world, however, they are not suitable for business or enterprise use. As privacy is a basic human right, our online privacy should be treated the same.

How You Can Ensure Data Privacy Using RealTyme?

Due to the huge risks posed by using popular consumer apps for communication, RealTyme features are rich with solutions to ensure data privacy is maintained. Whilst there are enterprise collaboration tools, these do not ensure the highest levels of security and leave themselves open to malicious attacks. The last thing any company or enterprise needs is data being exploited, ruining reputations and risking lost revenue and heavy fines. Using technology that is designed with data privacy as a priority is required which our platform is built to do. With RealTyme you can:

·      Communicate and collaborate in complete privacy; share information, files and private conversations within a workplace without risk of compromise

·      True End-to-EndEncryption from default, unlike consumer apps that require this to be added

·      Minimal use of personal information – we don’t require users to provide intricate details about their personal lives; just an email or phone number alongside a username.

·      Invite only collaboration – ensure only intended parties have access to information, eliminating the risk of unnecessary breaches of data.

·      The ability to create circles that are completely private and keep prying eyes away.

·      We do not use a data-driven business model like consumer apps – no ads and no metadata is logged or analysed. Our approach is data minimization so that any communication is deleted after a short time.

·      Full administrative control – unlike enterprise collaboration tools, we do not limit your control; you can choose private cloud or fully on-premises control for full data sovereignty.

There are many reasons why companies make compromises on data privacy, whether to save money or because it’s less effort to use popular consumer apps. Data privacy should be considered a human right and treated in the same way as our right to privacy, with diligence and awareness key. It starts with the attitude and approach fromC-Suite level executives all the way down to workplace teams to take this seriously and understand the implications – can you afford the risks of improper data handling?

To discover more on how the RealTyme platform will enhance your approach to data protection and privacy, speak to us today.