Why is Digital Health Important in the Workplace?

We live in an overwhelming digital world, where the internet of things (IoT) ensures we can stay connected in both our personal and work lives to multiple devices. However, this can mean digital fatigue and burnout where constantly being online can become a blur.

In the workplace this can become a problem and start to impact productivity and employee wellbeing. The risks here can impact data privacy and compliance, where employees have access to too much data that can potentially be intercepted if not securely used. As human error is still a big factor in many data breaches with 82% involving the human element, the more access they have and overwhelmed they become, the bigger the potential problem for organisations.

At RealTyme, we understand digital health solutions in the workplace require smarter ways of working. That’s why rather than having staff overwhelmed by notifications and messaging from multiple avenues, we provide a privacy-centric solution.

You can implement private circles that concentrate the number of interactions into separate workspaces and use focus mode to work without disturbance when required. With data sharing, you can minimise data overload too by adjusting data lifespan for only as long as you need to collaborate. This also helps to reduce your digital footprint in the process.

What Impacts Digital Health & Wellbeing?

Whilst digital health solutions can refer to those that impact the healthcare industry specifically regarding consumer and patient data, as a wider concept it can refer to both general health and wellbeing. Having a happy and productive workforce is determined by how well they are generally feeling, so any processes that may overwhelm or cause burnout can lead to stress and unhappiness. Similarly, when using outdated legacy systems that lack the latest advancements in technology and AI, this can lead to unnecessary obstacles and having to use multiple solutions.

This can easily happen when communication between teams or clients stretches over multiple threads or chat facilities, meaning an increased number of notifications and interruptions. Digital solutions that help make communication easier can also make it harder to switch off, especially if you have teams working remotely who work more isolated than a hybrid or office team. With 72%of organisations providing support for employees working from home and 47% encouraging more responsible use of digital technologies, many are still needing to address their employee’s digital health.

WhyShould Businesses Take This Seriously?

Helping your employees by using platforms that are designed for improving workplace collaboration will help to improve their digital wellbeing. By providing the right tools and software, your organisation can ensure productivity remains consistent, and minimise the impact of human error from stressed or fatigued staff, all helping to work within your digital health ecosystem.

Many types of cyberattacks can take advantage of this, such as phishing attacks with a reported 45% of people citing distraction as the reason for falling for a phishing scam. The more awareness your business and company have of the reasons for poor digital health, the sooner you can address solutions.

At RealTyme as we take data privacy seriously, the impact of poor digital health in the workplace will influence how safe and secure data is. Whilst consumer communication apps lack the features to ensure secure and confidential data, RealTyme provides a complete solution that minimises the risks and protects confidential data. Using our humane technology alongside clear compliance best practices will ensure staff are communicating and collaborating securely, whilst using features designed to help them focus and reduce data and messaging fatigue.

Improve Communication with RealTyme

If having a community approach is important to your business, we can help. If you have a digital health ecosystem within your organisation that helps employees to be engaged, productive and focuses on their wellbeing, using RealTyme for encrypted messaging, secure video chat, and private file sharing can assist with your approach. Features include:

  • No spam, or selling our data to third parties – completely ad-free
  • Full control to communicate freely and privately
  • Ability to work with focus to minimise notifications for a set time
  • Auto-erase conversations and content on demand or by date
  • Invite-only private circles, minimise who sees conversations and data
  • Simple interface for distraction-free working

To discover more about how RealTyme can assist with better digital health, please speak to sales today or request an invite. You can learn more about the full features of our platform and discover more insight in our blog.

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