What is the Best Alternative to Skype for Business?

Skype for Business Server 2019 is no longer available and will reach end-of-life in January 2024, with migration to Microsoft Teams cloud application being encouraged by the corporation. This has left organizations having to find self-hosted solution equivalent instead, much to their inconvenience, if they do not want to migrate to Teams.

Choosing an on-premise alternative to Skype For Business Server check list

1. Short Timeline - tick-tock

With 2024 not too far in the distant future, those using Skype for Business Server need to consider the many other great options available and fast. The last thing an enterprise needs is a lack of support, but this is the reality for many once the extended support period ends in October 2025. Rather than wait until those final days, it’s better to act now and find an experienced service provider with product evolution plans compared to a cloud service.

2. Self-hosted is your preferences

In the modern world, many cloud-based software providers will access sensitive information and take it out of people’s hands, putting it under their control. This is usually to gain a competitive advantage rather than to keep your data safe. This is either through non-transparent data analytics or via data-driven monetization.

At RealTyme, we take data privacy extremely seriously and allow our customers to have full data and communication sovereignty through self-hosted installations. These are optimized for any type of custom deployment architecture.

3. Data sovereignty is important to you

In January 2020, it was reported Skype calls were being listened to that provided no protection or security measures in place. As Microsoft collects a lot of user data, conversations were being monitored to help improve the service, but the security protocols were reportedly non-existent to protect user data.

With its documented issues over the years and now with end-of-life in sight for on-premise, the time is now to choose the best alternative to Skype for business available – something at RealTyme we can offer. We never compromise on data sovereignty as it is vital this is maintained and ensure what’s private to you stays confidential.

4. Giving back Control to IT

RealTyme can be deployed fully on a private cloud or on-premise for better control and privacy. Our solution provides total data and communication sovereignty for organizations respecting their internal IT policies. With end of life for Skype for business on-premise fast approaching, RealTyme will provide total control of data back in your hands.

5. Tailored security

Organizations can enjoy a fully isolated RealTyme instance and control the entire cryptographic keys in full autonomy. Governments, defense organizations and enterprises can choose customer specific private PKI and HSM integrations that provide the highest level of security.

RealTyme is the best alternative to Skype for Business?

This is where the RealTyme platform can make a difference and ensure total privacy for its users as well as a range of features useful for workplace collaboration. Our platform provides end-to-end encryption by default, so users do not need to worry and search for this setting to turn on – it already is and always will be. This means that the data transferred whether file-sharing or having a conversation is always encrypted at rest and in transit. This also includes any messaging, location and content sharing and you can easily set up the auto-erase function as often as you need it.

Collaboration is crucial, especially if you have a remote workforce. RealTyme provides highly secure video conferencing, screen sharing and a secure file vault where you can manage documents effortlessly, even on mobile and tablet devices. You’ll have total control alongside total privacy, with an easy to use interface for administrative control too, only providing access to those who need it.

Other features include:

  • Self-hosted on-premises deployment
  • Military-grade end-to-end encryption for all activity
  • HD quality audio and video from any device for calls and conferencing
  • No detailed metadata collection – keeping your details private
  • Secure backup and two-factor authentication for Console Administrators
  • UEM, MDM, and PBX integrations into existing processes

Make Collaboration Effortless & Highly Secure

Security and privacy should be a priority for all modern businesses, enterprises and governments, so you need to be able to rely on the software you’re using. RealTyme provides this and much more to ensure your decentralized teams can work safely without compromise, whilst still enjoying high levels of productivity.

The best alternative to Skype for business is one that can be hosted on-premise and does not share your information or store this off server. We provide total privacy and will never duplicate your data on our servers, whilst offering secure back-up and biometric authentication when you need it.

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