RealTyme's Dynamic Presence at Leading Global Security Events in April 2024

Join RealTyme as we traverse the globe this April, showcasing our commitment to digital security at LAAD in São Paulo, Cyber Africa Forum, and GISEC Dubai with our esteemed partners.

LAAD 24' with Infinity Safe in São Paulo (2-4 of April):


Kicking off our April journey from the 2nd to the 4th, RealTyme and Infinity Safe are joining forces at LAAD 24' in São Paulo. ( Transamerica Expo Center, booth G.51)

In the vibrant landscapes of Latin America, digital security challenges are as diverse as its cultures. Issues range from sophisticated cyber threats targeting governmental institutions to digital fraud impacting businesses and consumers. The region's dynamic economic growth further amplifies these challenges, making innovative, adaptable security solutions a necessity.

Our joint approach at LAAD 24' centers on providing advanced encryption technologies and secure communication platform designed to withstand the complexities of Latin America's digital environment. By focusing on solutions that offer both agility and ironclad security, RealTyme and Infinity safe empowers organizations and governments in Latin America to stay ahead of cyber threats, ensuring their digital infrastructure is both resilient and trustworthy.


Cyber Africa Forum in Abidjan (15- 16th of April): A Unified Vision for Digital Security


Mid-April takes us to the heart of Africa, in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire, on the 15th and 16th, where the Cyber Africa Forum becomes the focal point of our mission.

Africa's rapid digital transformation is a testament to its resilience and innovative spirit. However, this growth brings forth significant challenges, including cyber threats that can hinder progress and exploit digital infrastructures. From phishing scams targeting burgeoning online businesses to ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, the need for robust cybersecurity is undeniable.


At the Cyber Africa Forum, RealTyme stands as a beacon of commitment to Africa's secure digital future, showcasing innovative solutions specifically tailored to meet the continent's unique challenges. By merging localized hosting with our secure communication platform, we're addressing the critical need for accessible, robust, and user-friendly security measures. Engaging with local stakeholders and drawing upon our global expertise, we're dedicated to overcoming the continent's most pressing cybersecurity challenges. RealTyme is not just providing solutions; we're fostering a safe digital environment pivotal for Africa's next wave of digital innovation, ensuring that digital safety goes hand-in-hand with ease of use, supporting Africa's journey towards a resilient digital future.

GISEC Dubai with Cyber 50 ( 23-25th of April): Strengthening the Middle East's Cyber Resilience

The Middle East, with Dubai at its heart, is a beacon of technological innovation and digital enterprise. This rapid growth, however, is shadowed by the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, ranging from state-sponsored cyber espionage to cyber-attacks on the region's critical infrastructure. The stakes are high, and the need for cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions has never been more critical.

In partnership with Cyber50 at GISEC Dubai, RealTyme takes on these challenges head-on. The focus is on deploying scalable, state-of-the-art security solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into the existing digital frameworks of businesses and governments alike.  RealTyme's solutions are designed to fortify the Middle East's digital domains against the most advanced threats, ensuring that innovation can thrive in a secure ecosystem.


In Summary: A Global Vision with Localized Solutions

By joining these important events, we're not just showing off our big ideas for a safer digital world; we're also proving how committed we are to tackling local cybersecurity challenges with smart, tailored solutions. We make sure our tech fits just right for each area's specific needs, making us key players in global cybersecurity. We're all about adapting, protecting, and lifting digital communities everywhere.

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