RealTyme inks distribution partnership with Beta IT

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Beta IT that marks a significant milestone in the journey of RealTyme go-to-market. Beta IT, a distinguished system integrator for Information Technology Solutions, is now joining RealTyme's Value Added Reseller Success Program. This collaboration brings together our cutting-edge Swiss-made secure collaboration platform with Beta IT's expertise in the Saudi and Emirati markets access, and it holds immense promise for both organizations.

Beta IT, with its vision to become the leading system integrator for enterprise information and communication technology solutions, perfectly aligns with RealTyme's mission to provide top-notch secure communication services. Their expertise in Cyber Security, Cloud, Data Infrastructure, and Advanced Networking is invaluable and will play a pivotal role in expanding our reach and impact in the Saudi market.

A Milestone Partnership in the World of Secure Collaboration

With RealTyme now added to Beta IT's portfolio, we anticipate achieving new heights of success. Our Swiss-made game changing secure platform excels in encrypting communications globally, catering to the needs of governments, businesses, and citizens. Whether through self-hosted, or private-cloud infrastructure deployments, RealTyme ensures the utmost data sovereignty in communication.

Our platform offers a seamless user experience encompassing everything from news feeds to group messaging, calls, video conferences, and classified document sharing. This ensures the secure flow of organizational communication workflows. Moreover, our commitment to minimal data storage and processing not only upholds the highest standards of privacy but also makes us a leader in sustainable communication solutions.

Together with Beta IT, we look forward to making a significant impact in the Saudi and Emirati markets, delivering top-quality secure communication services, and fulfilling our mutual vision of enhancing customer satisfaction through best practices and efficient business models.

This partnership represents a dynamic fusion of strengths, and we are excited about the possibilities it brings. Stay tuned for more updates on how RealTyme and Beta IT will shape the future of secure communication.

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