SAMI-AEC partners with RealTyme to offer Saudi businesses secure communications and data sovereignty

SAMI, the national defense and security champion, a Public Investment Fund company, today announced that SAMI-AEC, its wholly owned subsidiary, has entered into a strategic partnership with RealTyme, a leader in secure communications.  The two entities will work together to empower Saudi organizations to access cutting-edge, encrypted, and sustainable collaboration and communication tools, ensuring data sovereignty and compliance with local regulations.  

The partnership was announced during Leap 2024 in Riyadh, the premier global tech event, where SAMI-AEC, the Kingdom’s premier IT solutions provider for defense and digital solutions, showcased its digital & cybersecurity solutions.  

It marks a significant milestone in SAMI-AEC's commitment to enhancing secure communications for all Saudi businesses, enabling them to maintain high data protection and security standards that are aligned with Saudi regulatory requirements.

Through the partnership, SAMI-AEC will —for the first time— offer its customers a fully encrypted service that maintains data sovereignty and security from its local. Cloud infrastructure and aligns with the Kingdom’s security and regulatory requirements. This will deliver exceptional experiences for businesses while maintaining data sovereignty.

Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, SAMI-AEC’s CEO, said, “We are committed to enabling our customers to maintain their cyber defenses. With the introduction of newPDPL regulations, businesses are facing a challenging deadline to ensure the safety and security of their data. To help them achieve that, we continue to identify and partner with leaders in the cyber security industry. This is essential for our customers, and as a defense technology leader, it is imperative that we offer locally-hosted solutions for the organizations we work with, as their data is often highly sensitive.”  

“With more employers shifting to decentralized workforces, having a secure way to communicate and share with colleagues is a must-have.  Through our partnership with RealTyme, we will provide military-grade encryption to all sectors,” added Al-Musallam.

Francois Rodriguez, Chief Commercial Officer at RealTyme, said, “Enterprises today must be digital, but that increases their risk. While they must have access to tools that facilitate real-time information exchange, but too often resort to options that are not fully encrypted and provide a limited mobile experience. They also need to comply with industry-specific regulations.”  

“Working with SAMI-AEC, we can help Saudi businesses solve these challenges, further enhancing the security of their communications. By focusing on localizing our offering, we can fully comply with in-country data sovereignty regulations & policies, and contribute to more sustainable operations,” added Rodriguez.

Founded in 1988 in Riyadh, SAMI-AEC has cemented its reputation as a leader in electronics, technology, engineering, and manufacturing, serving diverse sectors including Defense and Aerospace, Digital, Energy, and Security. With over 3,320 professionals, 86% of whom are proficient Saudi nationals, SAMI-AEC is committed to localizing technological capabilities, closely aligning with Saudi’s Vision 2030.


SAMI-AEC, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI), is a national leader in modern electronics, manufacturing, and maintenance services. Specializing in defense, energy, digital, and security, SAMI-AEC is integral to Saudi Arabia's military localization efforts and industrial growth. With a commitment to excellence, SAMI-AEC fosters strategic partnerships, supports local talent development, and promotes sustainable growth in line with Saudi Vision 2030. Through its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions, driving economic growth, and strengthening Saudi Arabia's position as a global leader in defense technology and innovation, SAMI-AEC is pivotal to shaping the future of the defense sector. For more details, visit:  

About RealTyme

RealTyme, is an expert in secure communications software. Since 2007, we are committed to the highest Swiss quality standards, we are providing privacy-first communication solutions powered by E2E encryption. We connect governments, enterprises and communities through self-hosted, private cloud and Swiss cloud infrastructure deployments. Our minimalist approach in data storage and processing allows us to comply with the highest standards of privacy, while becoming the most sustainable communication solution in the market.

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