How Secure is your collaboration platform?

Working within a secure environment is a priority for any business that handles sensitive information. Whether it’s maintaining client confidentiality or keeping employee files as secure as possible, being aware of the dangers of poor security protocols and having a plan of action is critical.

Many companies rely on popular, consumer built platforms that, whilst look professional are not always as secure as you’d expect. Platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Zoom, and many others attract millions of users across the globe, providing convenient and quick communication, which accelerated further during the pandemic with more employees working from home or remotely. However, are they the most secure collaboration platforms for a work environment?

Workstream Collaboration Tool Market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.28% during the forecast period 2022-2027 and reach US$15,208.66 million by 2027. According to Gartner, organizations need to carefully consider which business collaboration platform to use that matches their requirements and continues to meet their industry regulations.

Total Administrative Control

To ensure control over your data’s privacy, you need total administrative control. This includes complete control over how users access the platform you've chosen, as well as the data shared and collaborated on without fear of it being shared and used for marketing or other purposes.Many popular employee communication platforms companies use in the workplace simply cannot provide this, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which are both examples of platforms able to use metadata for targeting advertising and driving profit.

At RealTyme, we do not log any of this data, and we put the administrative power in your hands. As we are a paid subscription business model, this means there are no targeted ads to be concerned with. Your data is in your hands too, meaning you can automatically delete application data and maintain full data sovereignty so that you can avoid being in breach of data or breaking any internal policies your organization works within.

Secure, Encrypted Communication

Whether using screen sharing, file sharing, or discussing confidential information over a voice or video call, this all needs to be as secure as possible. Access to these chats and calls requires secure channels that only those invited can access. This prevents data from being intercepted by third parties and those looking to breach data for their own gain. This can have huge consequences for businesses that do not take encryption seriously. 

This is why, at RealTime, we use private circles, a feature that ensures that, regardless of the conversation, only those parties who are intended are invited.This creates a virtual barrier that uses end-to-end encryption (E2EE) by default in transit and at rest, a step above most consumer business collaboration platforms, which either do not offer this at all or hide it within their settings. E2EE should be one of the most important considerations for businesses, as it ensures that any data sent, communicated, or collaborated on is not easily intercepted by bad actors or espionage attempts.

Privacy by Design

A recent survey found that many employees are concerned about their companies’ use of less-than-secure collaboration platforms. As many as 41% of enterprise employees have left or considered leaving their roles because of poor collaboration tools, with 62% agreeing that the use of poor collaboration tools stunts business growth overall. This is a common problem when businesses choose to use tools that are not built with privacy by design and instead opt for free or cheap consumer alternatives.

Choosing a secure collaboration platform that prioritizes privacy from day one ensures confidence amongst your employees when they are using it. It ensures that no matter how much sensitive data is being shared or collaborated on, the connection always remains private, secure, and leaves a minimal digital footprint. At RealTyme, our platform is built with privacy by design, and we have no access to your data, unlike other cloud-based software available to organizations. This ensures that your internal and industry data policies are never breached and that your team is in complete control of compliance requirements.

Data privacy should never be compromised, which is why we use strong mutual authentication and multi-device security to enable data collaboration between different devices that is always secure. This means no permanent data storage during collaboration, which minimizes data falling into the wrong hands when used within private circles.

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Companies shouldn’t have to settle for second best when wanting to securely communicate and collaborate. If you are committed to having a zero-trust model, ensuring data is kept as secure as possible and only accessible to those needing it, you need the right tools. At RealTyme we can show your organization how to collaborate securely and safely and ensure your company data stays completely secure.

Switch to RealTyme today, and we’ll be happy to show you how RealTyme can make a difference for your teams. Alternatively, please talk to our experts for more information.

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