Choosing the Best Secure Alternative to WhatsApp

With an increasing number of companies and executives using WhatsApp to liaise with colleagues and share files and data, how secure is WhatsApp to handle this without issue?

Too many executives and those within the C-suite are relying on WhatsApp despite issues surrounding data breaches and the sharing of private data. This leaves companies exposed to huge risks by ignoring enterprise security policies that are in place. Choosing a secure alternative to WhatsApp for business communication will ensure your data is kept as secure and private as possible, minimising the potential risks.

At RealTyme, our platform was built for businesses, communities, and governments first and foremost, providing total security and privacy throughout. As the perfect solution for executives, enterprise leaders, decentralized teams, and field workers, you’ll never need another alternative.

Choose a platform that provides increased productivity and enterprise-level security as standard. If you are looking for the best secure alternative to WhatsApp for your business, choose RealTyme.

What are the Concerns with WhatsApp?

As a consumer app owned by Facebook parent company Meta, there have always been questions surrounding data sharing and privacy. When Facebook took control of WhatsApp in 2014, this raised concerns about data being shared with its parent company.

  • WhatsApp is ranking as “high risk” for data leakage on both iOS and Android platforms and is being blacklisted by many enterprises. Whilst the app itself provides end-to-end encryption between users on their devices, keeping messaging and calls secure, some data is shared.
  • WhatsApp and other messaging apps were flagged for having vulnerabilities including disabling default HTTPS encryption. This is not good news for executives that use the platform to connect with colleagues and clients alike.
  • Since November 2020, the FBI has been able to lawfully access content and metadata on secure messaging apps including WhatsApp, Signal, iMessage and more. This includes location data and real-time information about users and their activities, as well as contacts.
  • Even within a backup to iCloud, data is visible due to Apple not providing encrypted backups, so iOS users of WhatsApp are vulnerable here too.
  • In September 2021, it was reported that WhatsApp uses moderators to review messages, so it can flag any potential issues. This is from a POV to help prevent spam, fraud, and other illegal activities. However, this along with their updated privacy policy caused alarm by preventing users from using the app until agreeing to the new terms. This meant metadata and lots of information that is unique to a user can be shared for advertising purposes and analysis.

Industry-specific compliance is banning consumer apps for customer conversations. For instance, it requires financial firms to keep meticulous records of electronic messages between brokers and clients so regulators can make sure those firms aren’t skirting anti-fraud or antitrust laws. An example of this was when JPMorgan were hit with $200 million in fines over the use of encrypted messaging apps.

With the varying concerns apparent to see, it has never been more vital for executives and the C-suite to avoid informal messaging services for good.

Is RealTyme a Secure WhatsApp Alternative?

With executives, field workers and decentralized teams becoming aware of the risks of using WhatsApp for business communication, it is a good time to review secure WhatsApp alternatives.

  • At RealTyme, we do not compromise on user data, security, and privacy. As a platform designed specifically for business use, total privacy and collaboration is at the core of this, ensuring executives, field workers and remote teams can work efficiently, and communicate and share data without concern.
  • We provide Circles, a feature that provides invite-only communication within private closed circles. This is something WhatsApp does not provide as anyone can message other users with just a phone number, presenting a huge risk for breaching of data.
  • Unlike WhatsApp, we do not share metadata or contacts and our platform is completely ad-free to ensure your data is private. Military-grade end-to-end encryption is provided as default, so you will not have to search for this setting to enable it.
  • We are recognised by Gartner for Data Security, Endpoint Security and Privacy, with full data sovereignty via on-premise and private cloud hosting as standard. This is completely custom and flexible for the user for full control of data.
  • If you are requiring the best secure alternative to WhatsApp, RealTyme can more than meet the requirements needed and ensure your business is not exposed to external security threats.

If you are requiring the best secure alternative to WhatsApp, RealTyme can more than meet the requirements needed and ensure your business is not exposed to external security threats.

RealTyme Features

  • Communicate through high definition voice and video instantly
  • Secure file sharing and screen sharing for easy collaboration
  • End-to-end encryption as default, at rest and in transit
  • No sharing of metadata – no ads, spam, and no contact syncing
  • Access from desktop, as well as mobile and tablet devices on the move
  • Multi-device data synchronization for decentralized teams
  • Subscription-based service and pricing
  • Biometric authentication and secure backup of data
  • Easy to use UI, distraction-free design
  • Enterprise-grade UEM, PBX and PKI integrations

Helping Decentralized Teams Work Safely & Efficiently

As businesses are increasingly working with decentralized teams, ensuring company data security is of the highest level is critical. Protecting your organisation from malicious security attacks can only be guaranteed using the right platforms. A secure WhatsApp alternative must be used by businesses to ensure this, and RealTyme will help you safeguard your data.

With a reported 63% of SMBs experiencing a data breach in the last 12 months, your organisation will want to be prepared and use collaboration tools that keep everything private and is simple to integrate into existing processes. Our feature-rich platform provides this and more so you won’t have to worry about data being shared outside of your organisation, something that cannot be guaranteed when using WhatsApp for business communication.

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