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RealTyme: WhatsApp ease of use, designed to secure your business.
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We Adopt a Trusted Platform over WhatsApp


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Features designed for Business efficiency

Encrypted instant messaging
Secure Video collaboration
Confidential file sharing
Private Circles of Contacts
Multi-screen platform​
Brand Customisation​

RealTyme will enable your team to adopt an improved messaging app for business use.

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RealTyme adopted across organisations

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Lead your team in real time

Private Circles of Contacts. Organize your most sensitive conversations within authorised members-only private circles.
Auto-erase Content All content can be set to auto-erase on demand, or after consumption.
Secure audio and video calling from any device, operating system and network.

Instant Collaboration for teams

Instant messaging​ and Group Chats. Keep everyone up-to-date through targetted group chats educing unnecessary emails.
Secure Video collaboration.
Enterprise-wide secure collaboration with essential features.
Focus Mode. Regain your focus with prioritized notifications.
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Person Using A Mobile Phone

Smart Workspace on the field

Mobile Employee Communication​. Keep every employee up to date through chat, call, meet in real-time.
Distributed Teams Collaboration​. Employees need tools that allow them to work effectively.
Private Distributed System​. A solid WhatsApp alternative for teams on the field.

Easy to implement for IT

Administration Console. Full control over users and permissions, policies and applications.
Full data sovereignty. Can be deployed on-premise or cloud in accordance to your IT compliance in less than a day.
Security. High security with encryption enabled by default and customisation settings.
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Three Security recognition from Gartner


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