Privacy by design

No storing, third-party selling, or snooping on data; no tracking or spam.

Keep your confidential communications safe with RealTyme secure collaboration suite.


Safeguarding Identities

Minimal Personal Information

RealTyme requires minimal personal information (username and an email or phone number) to be part of the system. This minimal information is only used for initial onboarding and basic features (e.g. account recovery).

Invitation-based Contacts

There is no automatic contact syncing with the phone’s already existing cluttered address book. Contacts are invited privately into circles by existing RealTyme users or centrally by the administrators (available for enterprise customers only).

Private Circles

Contact lists are formed in an organised way in the form of private circles via invitation. Communication happens only within circles to avoid spam from unknown people. Everyone can see each other RealTyme member in  a circle.

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Protecting Data

Realtyme messaging on mobile

Data Minimization

Messages and files shared between the users are deleted immediately on RealTyme servers after being delivered to the intended recipients. They are stored for a maximum of one month awaiting to be delivered.

Reduced Digital Footprint

For a more reduced digital footprint and higher security, we provide ways to automatically delete application data on the end devices: messages, files, call and invitation history can be removed after a configurable time.

No Data-Driven Business Model

Our business model is based on a paid subscription. We do not log, store, analyze or sell user data or metadata. There are no general-purpose ads, targeted ads or data-driven economics in our model.

Realtyme messaging on mobile

Giving back Control

Full Data Sovereignty

RealTyme can be deployed fully on a private cloud or on-premises for better control and privacy. Our solution provides total data and communication sovereignty for organizations respecting their internal IT policies.

Granular Privacy Settings

Users have numerous options within the application to control their privacy settings; organizations can enjoy a higher central control from the administrative portal to enforce policies on the applications.

Minimal Logging

Pseudonymized server and applications logs are kept for a limited time only to improve service quality and troubleshooting. Application logs stay on the device unless the users manually share them with administrators.

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