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Protect your Identity

Keep private contacts independent from the device’s directory. Organize your contacts in circles directories and modeled after your organization.

Communicate Securely

End-to-end encrypted 1-1 and group messaging. High definition audio and video for sensitive discussions from any device, operating system and network.

Full compliance

Protect your customer sensitive information and your communications against industrial espionage while ensuring organization compliance.

Hosted in Switzerland

You will be hosted on our Swiss cloud with a data minimalist storage and processing approach allows us to comply with the highest privacy standards.

What is Cloud Data Privacy?
My Enterprise Must Follow Specific Industry Regulations. Will RealTyme Work With These?
Are the Automated features within the RealTyme Platform Data Protection and Privacy Compliant?
How Does the Platform Combine Data Privacy with Productivity?
Does RealTyme Offer the Best Messenger App for Privacy?

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