All the Essentials, increased focus

Chat, call, meet & share, in total privacy.

Team Call

Circles enable focus

private network of circles

Organized work/life mindset

Create your private network of circles and reorganize your contacts.

One stop collaboration

Create dedicated workspaces within one platform and streamline all your communications.

Enter “focus mode”

Enable focus by prioritizing notifications from critical contacts while silencing the rest.

private network of circles
Communicate in real time - Illustration

Communicate in real time

Communicate in real time - Illustration

Unlimited communication

High definition audio and video calling from any device, operating system and network.

Encrypted messaging

Messaging, location and content sharing - encrypted end-to-end.

Auto-erase content

Conversations and content auto-erase, on demand or after a customized date.

Collaborate anywhere

private network of circles

Video conferencing

Audio/video conferencing from anywhere, on any device.

Call moderation

Manage calls as you see fit - view, add, remove, and mute participants.

Screen sharing

Seamless screen sharing for exchanging live content.

private network of circles
Private container - Illustration

Private container

Private container - Illustration

File vault

Secure and organized file storage in a dedicated container.

Document management

Manage images, videos, audio recordings and documents.

Note taking

Ideate on-the-go and share easily with colleagues.

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Total Privacy

private network of circles

Minimal data footprint

Configure the lifetime of app data - we never duplicate data on our servers.

Private metadata

No detailed metadata collection, analysis or sharing - no contact syncing.

Complete transparency

Completely ad-free, ethical subscription-based business model.

private network of circles
private network of circles

Complete Security

private network of circles

Highest level of encryption

Encryption at rest and in transit (end-to-end encryption) by default.

Strong authentication

Transparent app to app mutual authentication through certificates

Granular settings control

Automatic screen lock, biometric authentication and secure back-up.

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