Why You Should Use an Encrypted Messaging App

Convenient messaging services are everywhere, and most people will access them daily for some form of communication via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop app. However, whilst the market has a plethora of messaging apps for public use, how confident are you that the information being sent is completely private?

An encrypted messaging app solves this issue, but there are levels of encryption and not all ‘highly secure’ apps are the same. Whether you use it casually or for business purposes, true E2E encryption should be at the core of the platform you are using. This way, your communication will stay private away from bad actors and those wishing to infiltrate your information.

At RealTyme, we have compliant collaboration and secure communication as a core fundamental of our platform. Designed specifically for Governments, regulated businesses, Front line security workers, and Privacy centric communities use from the ground up, we help your organisation take privacy seriously and avoid the worst-case scenario of data breaches and not following compliance requirements.

The Consequences of Not Staying Compliant

By not carefully following your industry compliance regulations, there are a number of consequences. At RealTyme, we know how vital it is to ensure all communication is kept under control, something popular messaging apps like Signal, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger cannot fully guarantee. As consumer apps, they were not built for the purposes of professional use, meaning key features are missing that you can only guarantee through platforms such as RealTyme. Some of the compliance risks of not using encrypted messaging include:

  • Disclosing PHI & PII – both protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) need tore main private. Without full end-to-end encryption at transit and rest, it raises the risk of interception and leaks.
  • Data privacy infringement – regulations such as GDPR come with hefty fines and loss of reputation if not followed. Any data breach through a lack of E2E when using unencrypted messaging and collaboration is best avoided.
  • Data security risks – a lack of heightened security features to protect collaboration and information can lead to high cyber-security concerns, especially with remote working staff relying on home networks.

The continued use of messaging apps within a company that do not offer the highest levels of protection leaves the door open to future problems. Using an encrypted messaging app that is designed specifically for the compliance needs in your industry is the only way forward. Communication for leaders of organisations that handle sensitive data in all forms needs to safeguard collaboration between its staff as well as its clients and customers.  

Public Key and Private Key Encryption – The Key Difference

One of the main differences with encryption with some messaging apps is the type of key they use. Public key encryption is used by popular messaging apps that advise they use E2E. It involves two keys to read the data sent between users at both ends, however, anyone who has the paired private key can decrypt the message.

Almost all communication apps are intercepted at a mid-point by the server used when messages are sent, before then arriving at the intended user. This means it only stays secure if the key is not intercepted. Private key encryption uses just one key for both encryption and decryption and provides a more secure method. This is also called symmetric key encryption.

At RealTyme, we know that at anytime there are cybersecurity threats that can target organisations looking to intercept data. By not using encrypted messaging apps at all, this leaves huge vulnerabilities, however, even using apps that offer end-to-end encryption may not offer enough protection due to the mid-point interception of messages.

Stay Compliant with RealTyme – True E2E Encryption

Despite the controversy surrounding popular messaging services incorporating E2E, with the view that it will become difficult to monitor those acting illegally, this is a separate issue to businesses needing to stay protected. E2E encryption should be integral to all businesses, governments, and enterprises, keeping information as private and protected as possible. At RealTyme, our platform features include:

  • End-to-End Encryption by default, at rest and in transit.
  • Military-grade AES-256 encrypted communication protocols.
  • Swiss Data Sovereignty – no storing of private meta data
  • Full data control – through public or private cloud including on-premises
  • Secure collaboration – seamless integration into existing processes
  • Business Confidentiality – intellectual data is fully protected
  • Minimal risk – fully protected against ransomware and cyberattacks

If you want to find out more about how RealTyme can enhance your workplace collaboration whilst providing true end-to-end encryption other messaging apps cannot provide, please contact us. You can request an invite or talk to sales here.

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