Secure Communication you can rely on

For mission-critical collaboration, classified information access, and teams disaster response.

Improve cyber resilience in the age of hybrid war

Enable seamless communication across defense organizations, armed forces and international collaboration

increase in cyber attacks during conflicts.
of the front liners left to consumer apps
of attacks to communication infrastructures

Empower your team with unparalleled security

Ensure users can connect to all classification levels, from remote work environments to the most secure war fighter networks.

Mission critical collaboration
Harness international collaboration with end-to-end encryption and secure communication protocols for defense leaders. With our high-availability solution, protect classified information with utmost security and reliability.
Device and network agnostic
Unleash communication without limitations: RealTyme is compatible with major operating systems, eliminating the need for a specific device. It excels in defense networks and offers seamless connectivity even with low bandwidth.
Managed and federated users
Manage users centrally and enforce security policies from the administrative portal. Mutualize a common infrastructure for confidential data exchange across distinct agencies, each benefiting from their own rules.
Full operational sovereignty
Empower organizations with private installations, granting full autonomy and control over the entire system. RealTyme guarantees redundancy and backup mechanisms for seamless continuity of operations during cyber incidents.

Harness the strength of a defence-grade communication architecture

Achieve compliance with your own data center security policy or operate in 100% disconnected mode.

 Multi Tenant on premise installation. Hosting multiple organisations within one system


Grant complete control over the system for higher privacy, data residency, and ownership.

Air gapped

Grant access to trusted contacts, minimizing information exposure and preventing the risk of identity theft, bolstering security and operational integrity.

Government cloud

Deploy in accordance with your jurisdiction within the most secure and compliant provider.
More deployment options

Zero trust integrations


Mobile device management (UEM/MDM)

Mobile threat defense (MTD)

Virtual private network (VPN)

Private public key infrastructure (PKI)

Private branch exchange (PBX)

Identity and access management (IAM)

Hardened phones

Enhance National Security with RealTyme

Download our one-pager to learn how RealTyme addresses specific organizational use cases, ensuring complete data sovereignty and robust protection for government entities.

Empower your team with unparalleled digital security today!