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Enable digital sovereignty at National level

RealTyme is our strategic partner to federate collaboration between our government entities.

Country digital transformation goes beyond modernizing the way we are communicating, it is harnessing technology to meet our data sovereignty requirements while mantaining high availability performance.


G20 Government VP of Governance and Compliance

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Foster collaboration in full Control and Compliance

We are using RealTyme to collaborate on sensitive client projects.

Our highly regulated customers such as Financial Services have to comply with constantly changing regulations while  maintaining the highest security processes during operations. RealTyme offers this flexibility.

Frédéric Mauger

Co-founder of Sysmosoft SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Boost Productivity with your distributed teams

RealTyme offers the full spectrum of options we increasingly require to communicate in strict confidence.

It is very user friendly and certainly constitutes a great supporting tool to serve me and my clients’ needs.

Thomas Goossens,

Managing partner at BianchiSchwald LLC, Geneva

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Enhance Privacy with your engaged Members

RealTyme has been a fundamental cornerstone of our secure interaction with clients, and within the Lancelot team.

Using this encrypted and 100% trustworthy platform, Lancelot and our clients have been able to adhere to compliance regulations and maintain privacy protocols during fast-moving and complex situations.

Tony Imosi

Managing Director at Lancelot Central Limited